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Best-of-Breed Data Providers for Television and Retail Attribution Tracking to Integrate on Barometric Cross-Environment Platform

New York, NY – June 22, 2017 – Barometric, provider of the industry’s most advanced cross-environment tracking and attribution solution, today announced a trio of strategic technology partnerships for delivering enhanced measurement capabilities with industry leaders Mobiquity Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: MOBQ), Alphonso and Commerce Signals. Combined, these partnerships dramatically expand the breadth and depth of Barometric’s multi-channel tracking capabilities, further showcasing Barometric’s commitment to delivering the most comprehensive and accurate cross-environment measurement of its clients’ marketing campaigns.

These new partnerships are part of Barometric’s growing momentum in the market, as the company recently introduced the latest update of its multi-channel attribution platform, which delivers the market’s only holistic view of each customer’s journey across online and offline channels. Barometric’s solution provides marketers a single place to unify, measure, and optimize insights of customers’ entire purchasing path in real-time.

The partnerships with Mobiquity Networks, Alphonso, and Commerce Signals provide Barometric with a broader array of customer insights coming from television exposure, online and in store purchase data to physical visits in order to provide brands with even deeper insight on the digital and physical path to purchase.

“A strategic piece of the new Barometric platform is the ability to seamlessly integrate and ‘plug-in’ best-of-breed data tracking solution partners for the most diverse channels and conversion environments from the online and offline worlds,” said Matt Fusco, VP Business Development, Barometric. “We are excited to have Mobiquity Networks, Alphonso and Commerce Signals, each of which are industry leaders, join our partner ecosystem.”

Mobiquity Networks is a mobile location data company that provides precise and unique location data and insights on consumer’s real world behavior. With its combined exclusive data set of shopping mall and premium outlet beacon data, along with first party location data via an advanced SDK; Mobiquity Networks provides one of the most accurate solutions for mobile data collection and analysis. Barometric uses Mobiquity as “pixels for the real-world,” because their SDK passes back the IDFA when pinged by a user’s phone, allowing Barometric to measure a brand’s media to an in-store or physical visit. Using the combination of Barometric and Mobiquity’s technologies together allows a brand to measure all their media to in-store conversions.

Barometric works with Alphonso, the TV data company whose TV Data Cloud powers TV-to-mobile retargeting and self-serve ad insights for brands, to measure TV ad and content exposures at a device level. Alphonso has an, SDK-based audio fingerprinting technology that can be deployed in app or on chip on mobile phones, tablets, set top boxes and smart TVs, with a footprint over 40 million devices. The technology allows consumer devices to recognize that a user was exposed to a TV commercial or show This TV exposure data can come from any type of TV, whether cable, satellite, broadcast.

Ashish Chordia, chief executive officer of Alphonso, said, “Barometric has made strides for the industry in multi-channel attribution, which is now becoming a necessity, not just a nice-to-have for advertisers. Working together with Barometric and other leading data-driven solution providers makes our ecosystem stronger and helps improve both the media planning process and return on advertising spends for brands.”


Commerce Signals connects advertisers and publishers with sales insights from payment transaction data, in near real time. Advertisers, agencies and publishers can use these granular insights to optimize media tactics based on how the ad is impacting sales while in-flight and measure the incremental cross-platform sales driven by their advertising.

“Combining insights from different, unique datasets gives advertisers a better picture of how their advertising is impacting the behaviors of their shoppers,” said Thomas Noyes, Founder & CEO of Commerce Signals. “Bringing in sales measurement to close the loop, Barometric clients can get a really good understanding of the effectiveness of their campaigns.”


About Mobiquity Networks (

Mobiquity Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: MOBQ), is a next generation mobile location data intelligence and marketing company. The company provides precise, unique, at-scale location based data and insights on consumer’s real world behavior and trends for use in marketing and research. With our combined exclusive data sets of shopping mall, premium outlet and cinema beacon data, and first party location data via our advanced SDK; Mobiquity Networks provides one of the most accurate and scaled solution for mobile data collection and analysis.


About Barometric

Barometric® is the most advanced cross-environment media tracking and attribution solution in market. Originally developed as an internal tool for AdTheorent’s data-driven digital ad network, Barometric currently processes 3-4 billion ad calls per day. Since 2011, Barometric has served, tracked, and organized petabytes of data for use by AdTheorent’s predictive modeling platform, delivering unparalleled accuracy. Barometric is now offered as an independent hosted service offering for use with all media allowing marketers to leverage Barometric’s transparent, multi-environment methodology to measure cross-channel engagement in real-time, allowing for ongoing optimization and campaign management. Barometric is the only solution capable of collecting mobile IDs across all environments — such as web, app, rich media, video and brand studies — and matching these multiple IDs to a single user, resulting in superior attribution.



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