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Beacon Networks Grow as Adoption Accelerates

By Michael Barris, Staff Reporter for Mobile Marketer Beacon networks Mobiquity and InMarket continue to experience growth as marketers increasingly leverage beacons’ ability to precisely target location-based mobile offers and messaging to consumers. Mobiquity, which operates the world’s largest indoor shopping mall-based beacon advertising and app engagement network, is increasing its network footprint 17 percent … Continue reading “Beacon Networks Grow as Adoption Accelerates”

Regaining Consumer Attention for Retailer Apps Through Beacon Marketing

By Michael Trepeta, Co-CEO of Mobiquity Networks The naysayers will tell you that consumers download mobile applications, only to use many of them a few times when initially installed and never again. The statistics show that the majority of smartphone owners have go-to apps. Forty-two percent of all app time spent on smartphones occurs on … Continue reading “Regaining Consumer Attention for Retailer Apps Through Beacon Marketing”

Stony Brook University Taps Beacons to Enhance Campus Life

By Alex Samuely, Editorial Assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily Stony Brook University is leveraging beacon technology to bring location-based mobile offers and messaging to its campus and drive more community traffic to its on-site arena for athletic and cultural events. A new partnership with Mobiquity Technology will enable the New York state-based university to deliver … Continue reading “Stony Brook University Taps Beacons to Enhance Campus Life”

Shining A Light On Beacon Misconceptions

By Jeff Hasen, Chief Marketing Officer and Author Merriam-Webster describes a beacon as “a strong light that can be seen from far away and that is used to help guide ships, airplanes, etc.” In 2014, it could revise the definition to include a piece of hardware used to guide marketers. Last year it was showrooming … Continue reading “Shining A Light On Beacon Misconceptions”

Beacons Score: Results Start to Come In

By Chuck Martin, Editor of the mCommerce Daily at MediaPost and writes the daily MobileShopTalk. Even though retailers have been talking about and testing beacons for many months, this is just the tip of the massive beacon iceberg. Beacons are going to be big because they’re starting to drive results. In the opening keynote at … Continue reading “Beacons Score: Results Start to Come In”

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