Product Overview

The Largest Location Dataset


Mobiquity Networks is the leader in mobile location data for use by advertisers, marketers and
researchers to reach their audiences. We maintain the largest location dataset containing all commercial buildings, entertainment and sporting venues with over 5.5 million precise location polygons, representing over 4,000 different retail chains across the United States. Our data is monitored daily for quality and accuracy. No RTB based data.

All data is opt-in and meets rigorous privacy standards.

Data & Audiences

Whether you need raw data to power your own location
technology or specific mobile location audiences for targeting,
Mobiquity Networks has it. With over 65 million monthly
uniquedevices, we provide the scale and precision you are


Wondering if your campaign was successful?
Did it bring people to your store or web site?

No matter what media you used (TV, Radio, Digital)
Mobiquity Networks can measure if your campaign drove
consumers to you.

Insight Reports

Is your consumer a coffee drinker?
Do they go to the movies often?
Do they play golf every weekend?
Where should we build a new venue?

With our detailed insight reports you will understand your customer which will lead to more revenue.

Data Licensing

Mobiquity offers numerous solutions for you to utilize our data

  • Raw data feed to use within your platform
  • POI tagged events to create audiences or reports on your platform
  • Over 1,200 pre-built audiences that can be fed directly of all major DSPs

POI Database

With over 5.5 Million locations covering more than 4,000 brands,
Mobiquity has one of the most complete POI databases
Whether you are looking to license a POI database for
your system, or location-based audiences, you can be assured
that you have the location quality you require with the
Mobiquity POI database.

Corporate headquarters
35 Torrington Lane
Shoreham, New York 11786
New York City
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